Encyclopedia Britannica of 1952 says the purpose of education is to raise up children to follow in their parents traditions with good success.
Parents in all societies want their children to have the same values as themselves.

What happens when people with different beliefs teach the children?
If the king of England could control the teaching in Russia, wouldn't he try to have subtle teachings to change the children?
The Russians clearly stated they wanted to change the way children in America were taught, even before World War II.
Clearly, each power wants to teach children according to their ways of thinking.
The great question is who will be in control of teaching children, the parents or the central government ?

Notice in all changes of power, the new conqueror tends to purge (murder or imprison) the previous leading thinkers of the conquered society.

Consider the man who saw his child grow up to have totally different values than his own. It alienates members of the family.

By 1998 The World Book encyclopedia said some of the main purpose of schools today was to replace what parents were no longer doing for their children, to give them guidance and values. The new system of federal government schools did not begin until 1948 when the foolish Supreme Court removed Bible classes from school campus. Centralized control of our schools was further strengthened when LBJ established the U.S. Dept. of Education. Remember, from 1620 till 1960, there was no provision for centralized control over schools. The federal government was not originally intended to teach our children.

If the king of England could have controlled what schools taught, the Magna Charter would never have been gained by the people of England.
Instead, the king would have taught all the children to be totally submissive to the king and all his wishes.
Early American settlers well knew the importance of training up their children, and the effects of outside influences contrary to their own beliefs.
That's why they left England for Holland, and Holland for America.

     Whatever the ways of living are, each society wants its children to fit into the society of the parents. The children are expected to carry on the values and ideas of their parents.
Schools are expected to give children the tools they need to earn a living.
That has been the traditional understanding of a good education.

The American Indians wanted their children to learn to hunt and ride a horse and worship the great spirit. They failed in their raising of children according to their culture and their culture is evaporated away. The Moslems want their children to believe like they do, so they teach them their way. The atheists want their children to believe like they do, so they teach them their way; not only their own children, but they try to teach everyone else's children too!

Atheists are effectually doing a more active job of evangelism to their way of thinking than are the Christians.
Consider the schools and what is taught and what is omitted.

Scripture says, It is an abomination for the righteous to fall down before those who do not believe, but that is what has happened in the public schools of this land. Proverbs 25:26
Prov 29:2 ...when the unbelievers rule the schools, the people mourn for the fruit in their off-spring

HUMANISM is just another word for atheism. It began in the garden of Eden when the serpent deceived Eve into ignoring God and believing that her own knowledge of good and evil would make her like her own god.

The humanists have a written agenda, nationally published, for many years, to destroy the traditional Christian faith from children in school. They claim to be winning the battle in the classrooms. The humanists have gained so much control over what is being taught and how it is being taught that the children are being won over to their philosophies at a greater and greater rate. That rate is rapidly accelerating.

The people in political and economic power who are willing to invest their time and efforts and resources to raising up a generation of children to fit their own society are mostly the humanists. Look at how the local Lutheran school had to close its doors because of lack of support. Look at how the children of Christian parents don't know even the Ten Commandments, but they do know many tenets of Humanism as a way of belief. Then ask who is working harder to mold the minds of children?

Remember the purpose of education is to train up children in the way that you want them to be. Training is a process over time. What training is your child getting five days a week that fit with the way God has commanded all who believe in Him to raise up their children?

I'll name a few omissions:
The child is not being taught to keep God in all his thoughts, but what makes him happy..

The child is not being taught to base his decisions on the word of God, but on how he feels.

The child is not being taught right and wrong so much as he is being taught to choose what he likes.

The child is not being taught that his parents respect the commandments of God enough to have them posted in the child's school, but he is being taught that Sunday is a time for going to church and the rest of the week is for doing what makes you feel good about yourself.

He is not being taught to make any comparisons or references to the Bible for his essays in school.
He is being taught to depend entirely upon the world, himself, and the like for all his choices.
He is being taught that even though the Bible says one thing, his parents and most other parents, and even the preachers are content to let the schools do something else with their children.

How can the child take scripture seriously when the libraries paid for by his parents are filled with Goosebump books of horror, occult books, humanism books, and philosophies of men take priority over the Bible?
The child is being trained to think for himself, without reference to God, in all he does at school.

I desire that the children be trained to look to God for wisdom in understanding all things.
I believe early Christians understood that. May we return to our first love.
I want a school for my kids, that teaches them the way I believe. That's exactly the same definition that the atheists give. They too want a school for their kids that teaches them the way they believe.
How do you want your child trained five days a week? To consider God and the truth of God, or to ignore the TRUTH except on Sunday? Do not think that one day a week for one hour on that day can make up for ignoring the truth on the other six days.

Reading, writing, arithmetic, and history are the tools we give our children to carry on the values we have established for them.

Please notice that I did say, the values we have established for them! Some background scripture refers to the blind leading the blind with inference that it is not good. And another says, a child left to his own devices will come to no good. So I say, it is good for the parents to teach the children and not leave the children to derive their own values. My child has some liberty to choose his own desire in some things, but not in the foundational truths which are recorded in holy scripture. My child is not free to decide for himself whether or not he wants to obey me. He will learn to obey me or he will be punished. That is how I teach him to obey me. Punishment has a broad latitude for being light or severe, depending on the disobedience. My point is, the child learns the basics from me. The father and mother are the root of what the child learns.

A good school system for Christian parents is one that does nothing contrary to the Christian values of those parents. In 1997 it is evident that too often schools are giving the children ideas that are contrary to traditional Christian values. Such brain washing begins as early as Kindergarten.

Where the school has gone astray from traditional values, the school must be returned to the values of the parents, or else the parents and the children will suffer the consequences.

Early American schools taught values of the parents in the local neighborhood. In 1997 we have schools teaching the values of ivory tower psychologists thousands of miles away. Many Christian parents have pulled their children out of public schools for these reasons of incompatibility. How can two walk together unless they be agreed. The schools are not acting in agreement with the values of Christian parents.

Wake up to the impact that five days a week presentations of information void of God has on your children. Five days a week of godless references to humanistic ideas that are contrary to the Truth.


1. "Education" is a work that molds a child. They are being molded to rely on 'higher critical thinking' instead of any hope in God. The help of His Spirit is being ignored consistently five days a week in the school training given to your children. His divine Providence as referred to in the Declaration of Independence is omitted. Your children are being conditioned to trust in the world system. Can you ignore this?

2. The goal of education is usually to produce results that are friendly to those doing the teaching. A system that denies God is shaping the teaching of your child. Guess what the goals of that system are!

3. The first essential for successful education is that the whole community have a true understanding of the nature and goal of education.

4. Plato said the aim of education is "to develop in body and soul all the beauty and perfection of which they are capable.

Individual beauty and perfection are shown in living in your circumstances of time, place, culture, religion, national or community aspirations, and MASTERY OVER MATERIAL CONDITIONS. Or as the Bible puts it, Faith without works is dead. Let ours who have believed also learn to maintain good works that they be not unfruitful.

The beliefs and outlooks of a community will affect the character of the education it gives to its children. Our children are learning by example that the Bible and what it says is very insignificant, only to be mentioned sometimes on Sunday or carried to Sunday school for extra credits.

Spencer said, that if we give children the knowledge which is "of most worth" ---that is the knowledge which has indispensable practical value in regulating the affairs of life--- we shall at the same time be giving them the best possible mental training; for it is incredible that the pursuit of the best kind of knowledge should not also afford the best mental discipline.

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