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HISTORY OF CHANGES IN AMERICAN EDUCATION and thus the changes in government

The law changed and forced changes in education. It was not the nation that changed the law so much as it was a panel of nine men on a run-away supreme court bench. This happened in the 1920's, and in 1947-48, and again in the early 1960's.

Once they changed the explanation of history ie the Constitution, the rest of the nation took it like sheep, until now few know how things used to be understood. It's been taught wrong for over 50 years, and now, by omission, the true old history is no longer existent in the hearts and minds of America's youth, most teachers, and even lawyers.

Understandings of men changed and thus the goals of education was allowed to be changed.

Originally in America, our law and our education was based on God and the Bible. The change is that now our law and our education are based on men's opinions that contradict God and the Bible.

From 1607 until 1807 there could not be found in America a school which did not teach Bible understandings on their subjects. For this theme and coverage of 200 years of early American history, see the Founding Fathers and original thirteen colony charters and the constitutions of those colonies. Also see the Constitutions of the newly formed states as they came into the Union. Strong reference to God is made over and over. Also the NorthWest Treaty referenced how schools should be teaching scripture understanding to the children.

Christians came to Plymouth Rock for freedom of their religion. They instituted schools to train up their children in their beliefs.

95% of the founding fathers believed in God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. See the materials, books, and videos from Wallbuilder Publishers for historical documents on the Founding Fathers.

1830- Horace Mann got the State of Pennsylvania to begin a new state school program that did not have the Bible .

1870- The teaching of law begins to change and have its effect on public schools. Harvard Law School Dean Christopher Columbus Langdell (1826-1906) applied Darwin's theory of evolution to law. Introduced the case-law method instead of the Constitution. Students studied the decisions of judges instead of the Constitution of the Founders. Students grew to become less and less aware of what the Founders said and more and more aware of what judges decided.

1870-1964, Roscoe Pound strengthened the ideas of Langdell, replacing him at Harvard Law School. Institutionalized "positivism", a kind of Darwinian theory of growing towards a goal by positive or forward steps of change and that positive change is necessary for society to evolve to its end form. So allowing changes in law. As the understanding of law was to change, so also would follow changes in the application of law to our school system.

1902- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. held that original intent and precedent held little value. Argued for thirty years that decisions should not be based upon natural law and its fixed standards but upon the felt necessities of the time and the prevalent political theories so that society could reach a social change to what men wanted.

1916- Louis Brandeis (1856-1941) urged the Court to be bold in leading society to change. He wanted the reason of men to be the ultimate rule, not the law of God nor the ideas of the Founders.

1930's - Blackstone's Commentaries on the Law widely discarded because it was absolute instead of relative. Relativism allowed for change. Relativism became a new term, more 'intellectual' for describing the positive changes needed for evolution of law and society. (the positivism of Roscoe Pound). Absolute values were discarded.

John Dewey 1930's- John Dewey was an esteemed humanist. He was a prominent leader of new ideas in education. He wrote much on the effects of Darwin's theory of evolution on science, education, man and society. His premise can be summarized as saying that nothing is ultimately good in itself except positive change for the better. To this goal he rejected absolute values of God, the Bible, and men who believed in God.

Dewey's most positive value is positive change for the better. He was so recognized as a leader of new ideas concerning humanism ie synonym for socialism that he was invited to teach on establishing state schools for the betterment of the state. He taught in China at the University of Peking and in Turkey. Upon Dewey's return to California, he wrote an Americanized version of Karl Marx philosophies called "The Humanist Manifesto".

Dewey believed in the collective society like socialist of Russia and China being more important than any individualism. He views people as members of the larger society, to the exclusion of individual rights when the perceived needs of society would require the exclusion of personal rights. This thinking permeates the N.E.A today as a result of his works and others who followed in his footsteps. The state rights over individual rights is associated with the recent event in Pennsylvania where state authorities forced fifty young girls to be spread eagled on an examination table, for genital inspection, without parent's knowledge or consent. Such is the consequence of giving up individual rights to the state system.

1932- Benjamin Cardozo (1870-1938), said there is no law to bind the judge. He took judge-made law as a reality of life. Americans will remember our Constitution says Congress makes laws and judges apply those fixed laws to various situations. But Justice Cardozo wanted to make new laws from the bench of the Supreme Court by decisions unbound by tradition or precedent. He condoned the Court functioning as law-maker by overturning precedents of generations of Americans.

1930-1941, Charles Evans Hughes (1862-1948) the Court's Chief Justice for eleven years said "We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is."

1945-1953 - radical social change achieved by wide spread "positivists" or secular humanists.

1947- The new lawyer system of education, "positivism" or "secular humanism", ruled that schools could no longer teach Bible at school, only off campus, somewhere else! Everson Case.

1953- Earl Warren (1891-1974) became Chief-Justice and ruled for sixteen years.

1958- Earl Warren wrote, "The Constitutional Amendment must draw its meaning from the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society."

1953-1968, Warren's court struck down many traditional practices and proudly admitted doing it without legal precedent. The Court had "evolved" into something different from what the Founders designed it. The Court had become no longer a only a judge, but now it was the new law-maker! The court was now doing what by Constitutional authority only the Congress could do.

1962- School prayer struck down, Engel vs Vitale

1963- School Bible reading struck down, School District of Abington Township v. Schempp

1980- School display of Ten Commandments disallowed, Stone v. Graham

1985- School moment of silent time for prayer struck down, Wallace v. Jaffree

1989- Display of birth of Christ not allowed on public property, Allegheny v Pittsburg ACLU

1992- School graduation prayer struck down, Lee v. Weisman

1988- Hillary Rodham Clinton attends U.N. conference on world education in Thailand

1989 - Hillary and Vera Katz on board in New York, National Committee on Education and Economics

1991- Vera Katz as Mayor in Portland helps entire state of Oregon change to Goals 2000 system

1996- Twenty six states have programs of Goals 2000, Humanistic, New World Order economics driven system

1996 ---National Standards for History advises retraining and screening of teachers to only accept those who can adapt their attitudes to fit the new standards. This means those who are for the traditional and true history would be systematically excluded.

1996 Dr. Meno, Commissioner of Education, Texas says teachers need to be requalified according to conditions of the new set of goals. ie, exclude those who disagree with the new standards.

Interpretation by the editor, Larry Rice: Those educrats in the government system are glad to see big government standards take over education. You should want to place people in power who are agreement with William Bennett and who disagree with the Texas Education Commissioner.

1996 Texas Eagle Forum goes on the World Wide Web. Take a look at it! It is great.


Both Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin said it could not happen that America would accept communism all at once. They knew that was impossible, but they also knew it was not necessary for it to happen all at once. They realized that a steady diet of little bitty morsels of socialism introduced into American society would eventually transform the whole system. The socialist planners were content to climb their mountain one little step at a time. They knew eventually the top would be reached. They realize that socialism is only a tiny step away from full communism.

These ideas and goals are being implemented right now in local books

1. Teach children's rights over parents rights.

2. Teach children to judge their parents. Hitler and Stalin did that.

3. Teach children how to begin changing their parents values. Remove esteem of parents from the children.

4. Teach what changes, teach the changes of people and society, with no reference to permanent values.

5. Teach the value of the new world system for the good of all men everywhere, one world under the U.N., but not under God.

6. Teach things that encourage belief in the psychic, occult, witchcraft, anything else but God.

7. Teach chaos instead of ordered systems.

8. Teach subjective values instead of any absolutes, especially don't teach the Ten Commandments, but instead tell them each person makes his own decisions of what is right and what is wrong.

9. Remove their connections to the roots of their own history, and they will wither and die as a nation.

10. Give more examples for children to follow of delinquency instead of obedient children.

11. Bring the children down to a level of the lowest street urchin without love of mother or father

12. Teach that the state has control over the children instead of the God given parents.

13. Removal of good role model's. By excluding references and explanations of Christian motivation from those famous deeds of America's historical great men, children are robbed of those good role models. When those men are characterized as deists and profit seekers their motives are misrepresented to the children. Children learn what they see. What a shame that so many people teach or believe our founding fathers were deists and established this country for economic gain. What a shameful revision of history it is to call Patrick Henry a deist. He recorded for all history a denial of deism and his affirmation of Jesus Christ.

Joseph Stalin said he didn't have to defeat us in gun warfare. He could do it through our children. He would poison their minds against God and family. Through educational system and tv the forces of socialism would invade the youth of America and destroy it from its roots. Then socialism would rule the world. That was Joseph Stalin's dream. That was his goal. America, it is up to you whether you will mock or take heed. The atheistic goals were first made public by the threat of communism, but are now hiding under the mask of Humanism. See the article on Two Views of the World found on the page for Graduating Seniors in the topic list.

Join the battle which has been declared. It is a battle for your children. It is your battle to fight, to win. When Jonah preached to Ninevah he declared the soon coming destruction. Jonah didn't make any if's and's or but's. He plainly said because of your sins, destruction is coming. That's the way it is in America today. There are many who have written about the decline and fall of America. I'm just showing the details of how the children are being affected. It's happening.

The ax has been laid to the very roots of our Constitution. The Supreme Court now makes laws. Not only does it make laws, it overthrows those which have existed for generations upon generations of Americans and calls them unconstitutional. Why? Because of the new morality that says, the end justifies the means, and if it seems good do it. And no man stood strong enough to stop that encroachment when it happened.

The Founders would have denied what the Warren Court did on the grounds of Treason. Why Treason? Because the Founders believed that whosoever attacked the strength and education of Christianity attacked this great nation which was founded on the principles of Christianity. It's OK to exercise free speech on the streets if one wants to attack Christianity, but it is High Treason for a judge to throw down laws that were established to protect Christian education according to individual faith of Americans.

The Socialist minded judges took a bold stroke at our roots and they got away with it. No one impeached them for Treason. Under the power of Mass Media, the public was given opium of "it's all for the good of the nation", and they sat back in their false humility and failed to stand up for Right.

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