Deceptive Mask for Atheism


John Dewey, Father of Modern Education, Author of Humanist Manifesto I, Amerikanized version of Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. How is it that the school system omits this bit of history?

Humanist Manifestos I, II, and III It took forty years to produce HM II, and only seventeen for HM III. Consider the growth rate curve.

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John Dewey, atheistic Father of Modern Education

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God's own people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge. Protect your child from the traps of humanism which is nothing different than the original snare used by the serpent to deceive Eve.

People are often deceived by a false association of words.
They relate humanitarian with the good Samaritan.
Then they equate the belief system of humanism with humanitarianism.
Then they accept the idea of supporting humanistic projects which give no glory to God.
God has called His people to give alms to the poor in His name. Not in the name of man.
By giving in the name of man, we are building up the humanistic society and too often failing to make the same help available through the church. This applies to donations made to the United Way and other big name non-profit organizations. The YMCA began as a Christian theme place. Now it is hard to distinguish it from what you would have found in a Soviet family gymnasium. The YMCA directors and the Boys and Girls Club directors are more than a little afraid of losing funding from those organizations if they lifted up Jesus to the children. Church members of the body of Christ, your donations to such organizations are strengthening those who would deny Jesus to the children.

Support a gym that lifts up Jesus to the kids.

Support a day-care center that lifts up Jesus to the families.

Are you supporting those non-profit so-called charitable organizations which cause their recipients to be afraid to lift up Jesus?


Humanist Magazine Called it War in the Classroom

War in the classroom for the heart and mind of children is acknowledged by humanists. When will pastors see what the humanists boldly proclaim is happening in to our children in the classrooms. It has been put into print many times, "...we are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of children in the classroom over the rotting corpse of Christianity."

A few brave pastors are declaring the failure of the church to train up their children in a godly school. Pat Robertson and Dr. James Kennedy are two major national voices who have spoken out boldly. But too many pastors still continue to just go their way presuming on the grace of God and ignoring the scriptures which would warn them. Wake up, Church! This whole site exists to sound a trumpet for you to hear. That you might see and know and consider and understand. The children need a godly education system. A godly education system is one that teaches all things from His point of view. What is present today is a system teaching as though there were no God.

This affects everything from algebra to zoology. It affects history, government, law, political science, biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy, and anything else you can name. Finally it affects the child's faith and understanding, which is exactly what the humanist have desired and gotten. Not even Christian teachers can introduce the name of God into their classroom in those government controlled schools.

How about free-enterprise schools instead of government dictated by taxation forced attendance government schools? We used to have free-enterprise schools. If we are to have public schools then let there be freedom of choice, where Christians if they desire to exercise their religion can send their children to a Christian school, and atheists can send theirs to schools where God is denied, ignored, mocked, and scorned. Then we could say that we are exercising our freedom as parents to train up our children in a godly manner according to the command in scripture.

Christian parents must wake up and be responsible to God for the training of their children.
It is not enough to tell a kid the truth when he is twelve years old. You must begin telling him when he is very young.
Some say this excuse, "...but he is too young to understand."

The answer is, tell him a simple story and elaborate upon it each year as he grows older. Having the simple story told will allow his understanding to grow from an early age, and as you add details with the passing of time, you'll find he developes a keen understanding of the total picture much earlier than twelve. Start with toddler bed-time stories.

Pretend that you're sitting in a family reunion camp-out around a fireplace, and all the adults are telling important stories, and the children are listening. Children of every age are listening. From early on, their understanding is growing based upon the knowledge base given to them. Like a growing tree. A little more each year. Not wait till he's grown up and then try to tell him all at once. That's foolish, ignorant, rebellious to God's clear instructions, and ......deserving of repentance. And a good prayer that God will make up somehow for all the lost stories that could have been told. He is merciful. He is more than able to help. But He says, in James 4, we have not because we ask not. It is also good and helpful for us to agree together with Him about the things (sins) we did, either by omission or by comission. Sometimes if we don't acknowledge our sins of omission, it is hard to expect, hard to have faith that God will "work it together for good" in the life of our children. It would be a good thing in America, and for America if parents would begin to confess their sins to God. Their sins concerning their children are rampant, and they seem not to know it.

It's more than just the things we did wrong, it's also the right things we failed to do at all, the things we omitted, left out, forgot, or didn't know to do. Yes, He is merciful. He does not convict us of sin to condemn us, but rather in His tender mercy to lead us to repentance. Jesus said, Except ye repent ye shall not see the kingdom of God.... and I explain... in that area of your life where you need the repentance.

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