Some say the Bible teaches Socialism. Some say it teaches Capitalism. This page shows how both are an extreme and not in agreement with the Bible.

This page gives a question from a visitor to my site, and then gives an answer in two parts, complete with quotes from the Britannica Encyclopedia. It contrasts Socialism and Capitalism and shows a difference between either of those and Christianity. Few students have had an exposure to this idea in public schools. Please copy and give to your students or teachers. Thank you.

Dear Mr Editor,

I am a devoted orthadox prodestant. I belive the bible is the inspired word of God and Jesus Christ is the only true savior. I am also a Socialist. I challange you to find a place in the bible where Socialism is rebuked. There is a long history of Christian Democratic Socialism in the world and I would suggest that you check and make sure your politics aren't interfering with you faith.

Your brother (like it or not) in Christ

J. M.

Dear friend, Thank you for your sincere question. I offer you this general response. Socialism is loosely defined as a way of all people having all things in common, It also is used to refer to a government taking things and redistributing them as the government sees fit. Either way, socialism, so defined, denies private ownership. Capitalism, as taught in current public school books, and many others, sets profit as the motive to decide which actions should be taken. Profit becomes the rule in pure capitalism. By definition, capital means dollars, so capitalism follows dollar-god. QED. Using dollars-of-profit as the guide, a man's decisions will rarely be in agreement with God the Father. Seeking to maximize profit is not the highest priority of our heavenly Father. He sacrificed His only begotten Son. Judas wanted to maximize profit, and look what happened to him. Judas did not understand mercy. Judas did not understand self-sacrifice. Jesus does understand self-sacrifice. He gave His life.

More to come on capitalism at a later time.

The Bible endorses private ownership. Those who endorse capitalism use private ownership as a reason to say the Bible teaches capitalism. But that is just part of the truth. The Bible also endorses mercy, to feed the poor, and to help the weak. Thus the Bible way is not capitalism, because capitalism, under the profit decision matrix, does not feed the poor nor does it help the weak. The Bible way is not socialism, because socialism does not allow for private owenership, nor does it give me the choice of how I want to invest the 16 percent of my self-employed income for my retirement, that social security takes and spends according to GOVERNMENT WISDOM, contrary to my own wisdom.

Yes, I choose the Bible way, allowing me to have private ownership, and also encouraging me, even instructing me, to show mercy and help the poor, and the weak, to give from my heart as I see fit as an individual, not to have the government take it by force and give it to whom they desire.

So, please understand this viewpoint.
Also, world wide, you will find that Socialism was promoted by an atheistic government. The Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia has been the biggest world wide promoter of socialism. Thus, world wide, the most general interpretation of socialism, is usually found to be rooted in systems that disallow Christian viewpoints. For example, our own public schools, disallow a Christian prayer, under the name of forcing all our children to go to a school which does not allow a teacher to lift up the name of Jesus. That is a socialistic school, endorsing a blend of all societies, except that it does not allow a blend of Christian teaching from the teacher, such Christian teachings are not allowed, but Karl Marx is highly endorsed in the American Heritage history book for sophmores at Rider High School in Wichita Falls, Tx.

SIncerely, Larry A. Rice

Neither socialism nor capitalism express what is taught in scripture.

----2nd letter written a few days later to Jason---- Jason,
Socialism is a new word covering an old idea.
From Plato on different versions have thrived. The new word socialism, as we know it today, became established in eastern europe by Karl Marx. It was then incorporated into the name of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia. It has stood for atheism and international world wide communism ever since.
If you say you are a socialist, then please tell me what you mean by the word.
I have told you the historical roots of the word as I know it, weighing each piece of history, to arrive at the most significant useage of that word.
If you mean to say you are a caring Christian who would willing share some of your food with a hungry traveler, that does not qualify you as a socialist, rather it qualifies you as a Christian showing mercy and love. The international communists who would rule the world with law that make it illegal to pray to God want to own all that you have and dictate its use by the government, giving your property to whosoever the government decides, at their will, not by your will.
Socialism in the big picture was defined by The Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia when it was an atheistic country denying Christ and burying those who stood for Christ Jesus.

My 1952 ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, vol 20, page 877 says "The words Socialist and Socialism came into use in Great Britain and France soon after 1825, and were first applied to the writings of certain writers who were seeking a complete transformation of the economic and moral basis of society by the substitution of social for individual control and of social for individualistic forces in the organization of life and work."
"In Great Britain the followers of Owen officially adopted the name Socialists in 1841. The word Socialism was popularized as the antithesis to individualism by P. Leroux and J. Reynaud in their Encyclopedie nouvelle and in their other writings, and had come by 1840 to be freely used on the continent to describe the schools of Saint-Simon, Francois Fourier, Owen and others who attacked the existing system of commercial competition and put forward proposals for a new way of life based on collective control. Later these earlier schools of socialsim were categorized by Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels as "utopian socialism," in contrast with the "scientific socialism," based on the materialistic conception of history, of which they were the pioneers."
Page 882 tells how Karl Marx brought the seat of the International (communism) to the United States in 1872. Mark had a theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which the Bolsheviks put into force in the Soviet Union after 1917. The American Socialist part polled nearly 1,000,000 votes in the presidential election of 1912.
Pg 887 says "Socialism: principles and outlook. Socialism, reduced to its simplest legal and practical expression, means the complete discarding of the institution of private property by transforming it into public property."
Christianity allows for private ownership and private reward for work and private punishment and private choice for charity or not to give charity, according to each man's good conscience and faith towards God through Jesus Christ.
I do not agree with socialism as it means gov dictatorship over the crops I grow on my own land. I do agree with Christian wisdom in giving and charity and mercy and helping my neighbor, but not being forced by the government as a matter of rule enforced by the bayonet.
To the extent that many socialists shout about helping other people, they are only saying what the Bible says. To the extent those same socialists want to enforce the help by the point of a bayonet (rule of law), that is government dictatorship over free will. Remember a phrase, the consent of the governed...! The word Socialist as a label the way I see it used, means to enforce by government army the governmental distribution of wealth. Socialists have for years attempted to use a pure democratic idea of voting, regardless of law and the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, to gain their idea of a socialist democracy to replace the republic under God established by the founders of America. See also Education and Democracy by the "father of MODERN education" as described at my site
Written by Larry Rice,

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