In the last days, knowledge will abound

Remember the guy who got so busy working out the decimal places to the least significant digits he could find? He got prouder and prouder about all those places to the right of the decimal place that he could define the value for those numbers. He could go on forever tracing the numbers to the right of his decimal point. Big problem is that he forgot the first three numbers on the left side of that decimal point. Result? All the numbers he knew were insignificant to the answer. He left out the most significant digits on his exam! He forgot that the first three were more important than the countless numbers he was measuring to the right of that decimal point.

Do you know anyone like that? Know anyone who glories in their ability to show you so many numbers to the right of that decimal point? Know any fools who bury their understanding in grinding out less and less significant details while they lose sight of the most significant aspects?

That's how knowledge is in these last days. Peripheral details are insignificant compared to the base. Like thousands of leaves that change on a tree every year, yet the seed remains constant. The D.N.A. is the same. The root stays in one place while the leaves wither and are blown away by the wind.

Jesus Christ is our seed (Galatians 3). He is the root and the offspring. To those who believe He is All and All. Understanding this takes the faith towards God. Those who trust His word to be true will come to understand. Like David said, I understand more than all my teachers because thy word, O Lord, is my meditation night and day. They who trust in the Lord will walk in the light while they have light. And thus shall they draw nearer to the light, seeing more and more. As a tree grows, so we grow in understanding. The wise shall take heed to His word, and they shall be instructed according to His truth. Every word of God is pure, refined seven times. Therefore why sow ye seed with a mingled seed? Plant a pure seed, not mixing the crop. When you want to establish an understanding let your words be pure, according to a godly context. Mix not the pure and the unpure lest you get a perverted answer.

All the things God has created are better understood when we receive His word.
All things are upheld by the word of His power.
We can understand these things of God by faith towards God (Hebrews 11:3 has the idea, KJV, of understanding by faith of God)
His covenant with us is ordered. It is perfect in all its parts. Chaos theory is not the way to understand what God has created.

What happened to teaching children the Harmony of the Spheres? What happened to teaching them Ordered Systems? Why do eighth graders now take classes in Chaos?!

Isaiah wrote words to this effect
Behold, I lay in Zion, for a foundation, a stone, a precious corner stone... a layer, there a layer, little by little, ...
and he that believes shall not make haste
And the interpretation is that Christ is our foundation. Anything not understood through His light is not understood right. That includes physics, astronomy, all so called science. Especially must government and people be understood in the light of Christ, not by the reasonings of men, and especially not when they contradict God.

Yes, in these last days, knowledge is abounding. Men are getting deceived more and more by the multitude of leaves thinking they have found something of significance when they have forgotten the root.

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