Two sources of information to document the truth of
      declining mineral values in farm and range soils over the last 100 years.

U.S. Senate Document No. 264 and the 1992 Earth Summit Report

           Depletion Levels (Percentages)

      North America       85%
      South America       76%
      Europe ......       72%
      Asia.........       76%
      Africa.......       74%
      Australia....       55%

The above documents why it can be a good thing to take supplemental minerals.

A Fresh Look Into Preventative Medicine R.K. Powers

New research is stacking up on the vital role minerals, trace minerals, and other micronutrients serve in preventing catabolic and debilitating disease.

Authors of Micronutrient in Health and in Disease Prevention assert that "it is becoming apparent that major physiological events link micronutrient status to the maintenance of health and the prevention of disease. In an article in The Journal of Pediatrics concurs stating; "Trace elements perform important function in health and resistance to disease". A. Milner, Ph.D., continues by pointing out numerous animal studies, which prove that inadequate intake of several trace elements leads to abnormal growth and development, and a higher frequency of neonatal death.

There should be no doubt; minerals are essential for living! Researchers are convinced that vital trace elements are a Michael Jordan super defense against disease and aging. Perhaps no other time in History have Americans been so well equipped to fight the onslaught of aging and common degenerative illnesses... And perhaps no other time in history have we been so bombarded with disease linked to dietary intake.

From the air we breathe, food we eat, to the bathroom cleaning supplies we use, the enemy is everywhere, and the fight to save your life has only just begun. Perhaps the #1 killers in America should no longer be defined as HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, CANCER, etc....

We should just say the top six causes of death in America are linked to consumption. Wouldn’t this be a great headliner on the cover of Newsweek: "CONSUMPTION: researchers find is responsible for the top six causes of death in U.S." This includes, in order of significance: Diseases of the Heart, Cancer, Cerebrovascular Disease (i.e. strokes, etc.), Accidents, Pneumonia and Influenza, and Diabetes mellitus.

Whether alcohol, food, or drugs (including illegal narcotics, caffeine, nicotine, antibiotics, etc.) your body is getting assaulted at all angles. The semi-health conscious American hears the news about consumption linked to mortality, and decides to throw down his deep fried Chimichanga, and commits to eating more fresh fruit and veggies, increases good protein intake such as beans, fish, chicken and other lean meat, and of course lots of good dietary fiber. Sounds good doesn’t it? If only it were that simple. The veggies and fruits you’re eating may not be as loaded with good health as you think. Problem is, although the foods may generally be non-harmful, (depending on pesticide, herbicide, or hormone content), they most often are badly deficient in nutrient content, especially essential trace elements that your body needs for day to day survival.

Colloidal Mineral Supplementation is imperative. In fact, one Scientist, with an arena of support says that "demineralization" is the beginning of debilitating disease. Dr Robert LaFave, writes in an excerpt from a U.S. Research Center Report that, "Without these minerals it is impossible for the regeneration process in the cell to occur. In fact, an enzyme, (which regulates hormones), cannot exist without minerals and trace minerals."

For the last century the agriculture industry within the U.S. has been replacing nutrients in soil through fertilization and other means. Many regions of the world have been studied for soil content as it is linked to health.

For decades now mineral content in a large part of America’s farming land is badly deficient in vital trace elements. The situation is so serious, as it regards to personal health, that the United States senate in 1936 warned the population of a major mineral depletion. The focus was on the personal study of Dr. Charles Northern, of which is supported by research completed at Yale, Rutgers, John Hopkins, Columbia and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Dr. Northern demonstrated "that countless human ills stem from the fact that impoverished soil of America no longer provides plant foods with mineral elements essential to human nourishment and health." Millions of acres no longer contain the valuable trace elements. It has been said, up to 99% of all people have a mineral deficiency of some sort. That’s not all... "It is not commonly realized, however, that vitamins control the body’s appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless."

Wake up America! Our soils are being robbed of vital nutrients, which are not being replaced, which leads to deterred resistance of disease and improper development and growth in young people.

Dr Northern very adamantly and concisely points out that the problem could be very simply solved by adding nutrients to the soil Well, it’s more than 60 years later, although major improvements in soil science have occurred, nutrient density has not. Your personal health and wellness depends on you, not Farmer Brown. It’s up to you to get the proper vitamin and minerals that your body requires.

Colloidal Minerals are a great protocol. For thousands of years vegetation builds up amassing into clumps of clay, of which colloids are abstracted, A colloid is an extremely small particle evenly dispensed in liquid. So small, in fact that it can easily pass through glass, which helps in absorption. A German Biophysicist, Dr Fritz Albert Popp, discovered that Colloids are actually electric. They carry a negative ionized charge, which is a match made in heaven when paired with the positive charge of the intestinal lining, making absorption assured. The negative charge of colloid minerals greatly increases the transport and bioavailability of other nutrients from foods, vitamins and other supplements. Secondly, ionization attracts toxins and heavy metals from the body and flushes them out.

Remember that we mentioned size benefit of Colloid Minerals. Dr. Carey Reams, a Biophysicist and Biochemist says Colloid Minerals range in size from .01 to .001 microns in diameter. These means colloids are able to enter the body in whole form. They are quickly utilized and absorbed in the gastro- intestinal tract. In terms you and I can understand, the size is anywhere from four hundred thousandths to four millionths of an inch small. As with enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and other known nutrients, minerals share part of the Central Stage starring HEALTH and WELL BEING. Did you know that there are actually different levels of feeling good? Well, there are. You might just be a person who has accepted feeling fatigued, run down, and used up. Life doesn’t have to be like that.

Colloidal Minerals are being used around the world with thousands of success stories. Dr. Michael Zimmerman, Chief of Staff of the Specialized Clinic for chronic Illnesses and Therapy Resistant Patients in Uberlingen, Germany, says Colloidal Minerals in Clinical Trial showed that "it activates and speeds the healing process, especially in chronic illness. Some good Colloidal Mineral products contain 7 major elements, and more than 60 trace elements. Major or bulk minerals are needed and used by the body in larger quantities than trace minerals. These include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphorous. Trace minerals are quite simple to define. They are needed in very small ‘trace amounts’. Although trace elements including arsenic, lead, copper, iron, etc... are needed in very minute quantities, doesn’t mean that they are not essential for life. In fact, there has been renewed interest in the vital function and pivotal role of which trace elements perform within the human body. The New York Times put major focus in one article entitled, "With Trace Elements Be Cautious". The article speaks about the importance of these imperative minerals, but points out the need to be taken in a balanced fashion. This is why Colloidal Minerals are the perfect solution. Taken from nature they remain unadulterated and have passed many toxicology reports.. perfectly safe to your body. The article states that most people can get the needed trace elements from a well balanced diet, but those Trace Elements are vital in prevention of disease. It states, While a good diet may provide enough trace minerals to support normal bodily functions, some research shows that greater amounts of certain trace minerals may prevent disease. For example, research by Dr Larry Clark at the University of Arizona at Tucson, suggests that higher than RDA levels of selenium may offer protection against cancer". ~

The New York Times made one other vital statement for those concerned about proper health and mineral consumption. Reporter, Karen Baar, in the column "Eating Well" quoted Bob Smith, then president of Doctor’s Data, Inc., a laboratory in Chicago. He stated, "I agree with those who say you don’t need supplements as long as you are genetically perfect, eat only food grown on virgin soil, and stay away from all toxins like gasoline fumes, cosmetics, carpeting and dry cleaning fluids. Mr. Smith makes a very good point. By now you may be asking yourself just what is it that minerals do. They are responsible for such things as normal growth and sexual development, strong immunity, formation of blood and bone (essential in cartilage formation and production), nerve function and composition of body fluids. Scientists also are beginning to report on many secret things minerals do.. things we really don’t understand at this present time.

Still not convinced that Colloidal Minerals are right for you? Consider this! One midwestern town had noted mineral deficiencies in their soil, Calcium to be exact. The direct health results were studied on more than 300 children: 90% had bad teeth, 69% had affections of the nose and throat, smaller glands and diseased tonsils.

Colloid Minerals are imperative for health. Consider Copper, if deficient, could vastly increase the risk of heart disease, infertility, heart arrhythmia’s, higher LDL Cholesterol, bone fragility, anemia, defects in connective tissue, severe malnutrition, low birth weight, significant malabsorption and, of course, Osteoporosis.

The benefits of Zinc have been greatly researched within the last ten years. It is greatly needed for immune and sexual function. Nutritional deficiencies of Zinc in human beings are now recognized as being fairly prevalent throughout the world.

A lack of Manganese can result in poor growth, impaired reproduction performance, and more.’ This is just one example of the severe importance trace minerals play in human health. More than 60 trace elements are needed within your body for proper growth, development and function. Let there be no confusion; many health professionals recommend that you continue your regular Multi-Vitamin Supplement regimen, but add with it the vital Colloidal Minerals and give your body the super turbo-boost charge that you deserve. Power Nutrient - Collodial Vitamin & Mineral Drink Ultra Power Nutrient - Sparkling Colloidal Nutrient Drink The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated the statements and articles as well as other information in this Website. The Products and content are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please consult a health professional should the need for one be indicated. Depletion Levels (Percentages) U.S. Senate Document No. 264 and the 1992 Earth Summit Report documents declining mineral values in farm and range soils over past 100 years: North America 85% South America 76% Europe 72% Asia 76% Africa 74% Australia 55%