What we call Bible verses, Jesus called scripture.

Scripture covers money in many ways.
These are a few of the ideas one can study from the Bible on money.

A man can increase his money wisely, or he can lose it foolishly.

He can accumulate money, or he can waste it, squander it, and wind up penniless.

He that loves money shall not be satisfied with the increase thereof.

A fool is soon parted from his inheritance.

  1. money as a world wide solvent, a medium of exchange, a measure of work,
  2. saving money
  3. accumulating money
  4. spending
  5. being too tight with money
  6. being too loose with money
  7. Those who love money will not be satisfied with money: Ecc 5:10
  8. Serving money instead of God
  9. lust of the eyes, pride of life, and lust of the mind, never satisfied, discontent
  10. usury, fractional reserve banking system, making infinite interest on what's not yours
  11. investments: Ecc 11:1,2,6
  12. distribution: Ecc 11:1,6
  13. accounting for money, accountability
  14. honesty, truthfulness, fairness, equity in measure and weight and scales
  15. mammon
  16. ruling by money
  17. serving for money
  18. luring with money
  19. blessed money
  20. planting, seeding, growing, faith towards God
  21. God gives the increase
  22. loss of money
  23. useless money, to the owner who won't use it except to hoard and get more
  24. fruitful money
  25. wisdom is better than money, Ecclesiastes 7:12
  26. the power to rejoice and be happy is the gift of God: Ecc 5:19
  27. inheritance: Ecc 7:11
  28. you don't know what God may do in details of life: Ecc 11:5
  29. usury, charging interest on what's not yours, excessive interest, fraud

History of Money

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