Parent Responsibility

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Parent's have the responsbility from God who gave them life to train up their children in a godly manner. No excuse is able to remove that responsibility.

It can be good for a parent to hire someone else to teach their children. But that someone else should be tested and proven by the parent, not just blindly hired and approved. The parent should not endorse anyone to the child until the parent knows that teacher is compatible with the parent's values.

Until you have exercised all prudence to prove the teacher is of the same mind you want your child to learn from you, then you have no right to tell your child, "Learn from this teacher."

If you tell your child to learn from a teacher who feeds values contrary to scripture, then you are getting yourself into trouble. And you are leading your child down a road contrary to your own values by letting a contrary minded person be in charge of your child's training.

Schools don't just train arithmetic and writing. They also teach values. They also teach lifestyles. Philosophies of men, humanism, and many such things that are contrary to godliness are fed to the fertile imagination of children in public school every day.

Parents, you are responsible. It's ok to hire someone to help with training up your children, but you must prove them before telling your children to accept them. I know wonderful parents who are terribly sorry that they gave a blanket approval by sending their children to public school without a healthy awareness to filter out the poison.

Two fine preachers figure their daughter was set up for getting pregnant by ideas spread in the public school official authority.

Many parents connect delinquint behavior with too many books filled with rotten examples for their children to imitate. See Isaiah 7:15.

Remember that one bad seed planted into a fertile imagination can grow into a horrible harvest.

Let the teachers of your children be agreeable to teach in conformity with your values. Do not let teachers teach contradictions to your child.

REMEMBER, the teacher colleges for years have taught new teachers that it is good to give bad examples to children so they can then say, this is not the way to do it. So therefore many teachers are sincerely duped on what is the right way to teach. Scripture teaches us how Jesus was trained up, and it is for us to follow. Jesus was raised up on good things so He would know to accept the good and reject the evil. But too often in school today, the teachers are assigning books full of rotten examples for the children to learn. When I confronted good Christian teachers about this practice, various answers given were: We show them what we don't want them to do so they can see it and recognize it and then we really tell them this is not for you. Another words, throw the child into the pig pen and then explain this is not the way we want you to live. That was told me by a woman teacher who justifed the prevalence of Goosebump books and witch books in the classroom of third graders. She is a good teacher in many ways, but in that one thing, I hope she has learned different. She is a wonderful person, and I respect her and even praise her for much good she does. It's a shame how the abundance of trash books finds its way into classrooms of young children. It's a shame how teachers allow it and even justify it and excuse it.

Count the ratio of good moral teaching books available for your child against the number of non-helpful lifestyle books. It varies from school to school and from room to room.

A librarian told me, she didn't have time to evaluate the books sent her for children to read. Another librarian said all those goosebump books and suicide books and murder and hate books were given free to the school by a national library guild. So since they didn't cost the district any money and since it was something for the kids to read, she put them all on display and seemed glad to get them.

What you'll often hear is something like "Well, you're the only one to every complain about this in all the years we've been doing it." Don't believe that for a moment. Too many parents from too many places have been told the same lie, the same deceit. Even multiple parents from the same school and class, each alone were told the same lie. I counted several families who all said they were told they were the only one to complain about a behind the parent's back sex course for first graders. The school board didn't even want to make it public. The administration defended the practice as being helpful for the children. Top psychologists defended the practice of going behind parent's backs to reach children with a hidden sex course as young as five years old.

There is a video you can get that has the Gov. of Virginia, Godernor of Alabama, and Dick Army and others explaining how it is true that what the schools won't tell you can hurt your children. .

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